RecycleMore’s comprehensive school recycling and classroom education program has successfully served West Contra Costa County schools for more than fifteen years. Our goal is to educate families through their school age children on the importance of waste reduction, recycling and composting.

Through our partnership with Republic Services we are able to offer free recycling center field trips and classroom presentations to public and private schools in West Contra Costa County.

Republic Services can also provide assistance to school’s in establishing and maintaining an on site recycling and cafeteria composting programs by working with administrators, maintenance staff, teachers and students. Field trip and presentation schedules are coordinated at the start of each school year. Elementary schools in the district will be notified for this program. Private schools can contact Republic Services Recycling Coordinator Reagan Chung at (510) 262-7518 to request field trips, presentations or on-site assistance.


Additional Special Programs: 

Four R’s Action Program (KIDS for the BAY Elementary School Intensive) A multi-session workshop over 10 weeks with Kids for the Bay. Students learn new ways to reduce waste and conserve resources at home and at school. “The [Four Rs Action] program has made my students more aware of their actions, the difference between want and need, and the earthly limits of our natural resources.” Mary Hughes-Tutass, 4th grade teacher.

Art In the Heart
This awesome after-school reuse arts program is dedicated to the 4R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Rot).Art instructors from the East Bay depot for Creative Reuse introduce the 4R’s in a fun, creative and artistic way. To learn more about Art in the Heart, visit the website of The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse.