Teacher Resources Offered by RecycleMore

RecycleMore has the following materials as part of our Resource Library located at our office at San Pablo City Hall. We are happy to loan them out to local teachers and educators. Just call the Recycling Coordinator at (510) 215-3021 for further details on how to borrow these items.


Building Hope for Healthy Communities: One Action at a Time. Used Oil Recycling/Household Hazardous Waste Training & Conference. Conference Presentations. April 26-29, 2005.

Doing the 4 Rs. Stopwaste.org. 
• 17-minutes, designed for 4th and 5th graders.

A Guide to Estimating Irrigation Water Needs of Landscape Plantings in California. The Landscape Coefficient Method and WUCOLS III. August 2000. 

Moving Forward Together. Used Oil Recycling/Household Hazardous Waste Training & Conference. March 22-26, 2004. Sacramento, CA.

Point of Return: Oakland’s Place on the Pacific Rim. Northern California Recycling Association. 
• 17-minute documentary about what happens to recyclables after they are picked up and about sustainable choices. Case study focuses on Oakland, Northern California and the Pacific Rim

The Real Dirt on Farmer John. Collective Eye Inc. 
• 82 minutes. Story of a maverick Midwestern farmer. 

Recycle Rex. Disney Educational Productions. 
• 10-minute video about changing wasteful habits. 
• Includes bilingual Spanish mode, interactive quiz and sing-along.

Recycling Electronics, Recycling Lives. Unicor Business Group.
• Describes work of Unicor company, employing prison inmates to recycle computers. Computers look a bit dated and the video doesn’t go into much detail about electronic recycling, just the very basics. 

Respect Yo’ Mama: Here Comes Mr. Recycle Man! Garbage In…Films and Moving Pictures. A film by Larry Lee.
• 35-minute film for ages 7 to 97.
• 3 copies

Simple Living. With Wanda Urbanska. West Coast Green Show 2007. Season 3, Episode 306.

The Story of Stuff. with Annie Leonard. Free Range Studios. 
• 2 copies

Trashed: This is the story of gabage…American style. 2006. OXI productions, LLC.
• 77 minutes about the causes and effects of waste. 

WastAway Process Video. Bouldin Corp. 
• 5-minute shows and explains recycling process step by step.

The Wizards of Trash. By Crown Disposal Co. Inc. and Community Recycling & Resource Recovery Inc.
• 6-minute Wizard of Oz-themed film about 2 teenagers exploring better options for the mountains of trash produced in their community.

WM Think Green. 2007. Jeffrey/Scott Advertising
• Shows what happens at the Davis Street Residential –Stream Recycling Center in Alameda County. 


Best Practices Manual. The Collaborative for High Performance Schools. 2001-2. 
• Documents about the advantages, process, budgeting and technical aspects of designing schools that are energy efficient, healthy, comfortable and well-lit.

Ecological Footprint Quiz. © redefining progress, 2002.
• This is the original – only loan out copies.

Mission 3R: A challenge for change! Environmental Education Exchange.
• CD-ROM simulation about reducing natural resource use and environmental impact. 
• Designed for grades 4-6.

Recycling Campaign Resource Binder, California Department of Conservation.
• Contains several short (~2 min) videos of products made from recycled cans/bottles as well as audio clips and images (posters)

Solid Waste Resources. EPA
• 1999, 2002, 2003 and undated editions

“Unintended Consequences.” Stan Slaughter. 
• Collection of songs around the theme of Household Hazardous Waste.