Commercial Organics and Food Scrap Recycling


Commercial Organics Program

Mandatory Commercial Organics Collection (AB 1826)

If your business generates food waste or landscaping debris (collectively known as organics), Republic Services can usually offer organics collection service at no additional cost. Businesses that generate large volumes of organics (4 or more cubic yards per week) are required by state law (AB 1826) to arrange for organics collection or to demonstrate an effective method of keeping organics out of the waste stream (self-haul or back-haul). When organics are collected for composting, they are transformed into a useful agricultural amendment. If organics are sent to the landfill, they generate methane - a greenhouse gas which contributes to climate change. In January of 2019, the threshold for those required to have organics collection under AB 1826 changes to include all businesses that generate 4 or more cubic yards of any waste.

Republic Services can provide free staff training, free interior containers, and instructional posters to assist in your effective participation in this important program. If you believe that your business is covered under this law or you want to begin organics collection voluntarily, please contact Republic Services Customer Services at 510-262-7100.

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If your business is located in El Cerrito, please visit the East Bay Sanitary Company for more information on commercial services available.