Commercial Programs

Businesses are vital for a community to thrive.  They offer housing, food and financial and medical services and more. Every business generates waste materials on a daily basis. Most of these materials can be diverted from disposal at a landfill.  With the right knowledge and tools, any business can operate more sustainably.

Many businesses are creating Sustainability teams to find ways for their business to be a leader in the community.  We can provide resources to help to make your business Green in many ways. To become a certified Green Business click here for further information. 

Mandatory Commercial Recycling Effective July 1, 2012

State law AB341 took effect on July 1, 2012. If your business is generating 4 cubic yards or more per week or your Apartment building has more than 5 units then you must have recycling service in order to be in compliance with the law.  RecycleMore can help you comply with this new law. We have staff that can conduct an analysis of your waste stream and provide suggestions on how to reduce the amount thrown away.  We can provide training to employees or tenants and get them motivated to recycle more and produce less.

(Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery) has also recently passed a State law that will require the State to get to 75% waste diversion by the year 2020  While West Contra Costa County is doing well towards this goal, there is always room for improvement.  If your business would like to improve its waste diversion activities, contact RecycleMore at 510-215-3125.

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Commercial FAQs

What is AB341?
This new State law went into effect on July 1, 2012 and makes it mandatory for all businesses and apartment buildings with 5 or more units that generate more than 4 cubic yards of waste per week to have recycling service.  RecycleMore has created informative flyers and posters for businesses to place at their offices.

Does AB341 apply to my business?
If your business generates 4 cubic yards or more a week of garbage or if your apartment complex has more than 5 units, then yes, AB341 applies to your business.

How do I find out how much is being generated at my business?
Review your garbage bill from Republic Services or East Bay Sanitary (El Cerrito). It will show what size bin you have and how often it is picked up each week. Or call Republic Services customer service at 510-262-7100.

Who do I call for help with starting a Recycling program? 
You have different choices. RecycleMore can help you get started. We have staff and resources to help you create a recycling program. There are also staff at City level that can help you with other environmental issues such as water and energy use.

What do we do with Electronic Waste or other outdated equipment?
The Permanent HHW facility allows residents and small businesses in West Contra Costa County to drop off e-waste.  It is located at 101 Pittsburg Avenue, Richmond. Also the El Cerrito Recycling and Environmental Resource Center takes e-waste (click link: Outdated equipment is a bit harder to find places that recycle it.  Contact the manufacturer first to see if they will take it back or have local resources. Also visit www.Earth911 to see if there are local companies that will take it.

I see people going through by bin, who should I call? 
Although this is illegal and dangerous, most police and code enforcement departments do not have the resources to stop this practice.  You can contact Republic services to see if they can provide you with a lock.   Put up a sign that says no scavenging or loitering should also help. 

Where can I donate old office furniture? 
Craigslist & websites are good places to start. Also Urban Ore in Berkeley will accept most types. Call first.

We get a lot of Styrofoam from vendors. Where can this be recycled?
First ask your supplier to not use Styrofoam packaging. The El Cerrito Recycling and Environmental Resource Center at 7501 Schmidt Lane accepts the material. El Cerrito accepts ONLY White block polystyrene foam - No food containers, peanuts, other types of foam, or wrapping material (UPS will take peanuts).

Where can I purchase recycled content office supplies? Many office supply stores now have green catalogs just ask for it. Staples, Office Max, Office Depot and Radstons (local Green Business) all can be accessed online.
If your business doesn’t already incorporate Environmental Purchasing Program (EPP) principals in its operation, then visit this website for more information

Can my business recycle food scraps?
This depends on where your business is located.
El Cerrito businesses can now recycle food scraps.  Contact the El Cerrito Environmental and Resource Recycling Center at 510-215-4350 to get started. For Republic Services customers, your business may request a green waste cart.  The green waste cart is 64 gallons and a business such as florist, coffee shop or produce market can put in dead flowers, plants and uncooked vegetables.  For larger businesses that generate a lot of green waste, contact Republic Services at 510-262-7100 for a roll-off box.  Businesses that want to start an on-site compost program, can call Recyclemore or visit the Compost section on this website.