Fluorescents Lamps & Tubes

(FREE Drop-off at HHW facility)

Residents may, for free, safely and properly dispose of any and all types of lamps and lights at the West County HHW Collection Facility, including fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), metal halide lamps, and sodium vapor lamps.

Fluorescent lamps and tubes contain mercury* – a harmful heavy metal.

These lamps and tubes are banned from the trash.

*Mercury is extremely toxic and should generally be handled with care; in cases of spills involving mercury (such as from a broken fluorescent lamp or tube) specific cleaning procedures are used to avoid toxic exposure.  Use extreme caution when cleaning up a broken lamp.  It can be inhaled and absorbed through the skin and mucous membranes.  Mercury can cause both chronic and acute poisoning.

(FREE CFL Drop-off at Home Depot)

Home Depot also collects CFLs – At each store, customers can simply bring in any expired, unbroken CFL bulbs.  CFLs in plastic bags are to be deposited into a collection receptacle located on the front end of the store near the entrance, by the Returns desk or near the exit doors inside the store.