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Welcome to the Commercial Household Hazardous Waste landing page. Resources here should help you to determine how to properly dispose of certain HHW items, as well as better, less toxic alternatives. 

West County businesses generating less than 27 gallons or 220 pounds of hazardous waste per month may participate in the Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator Program (CESQG) at the West Contra Costa Permanent HHW Facility located in Richmond. Fees apply.  There is an on-line form to complete and additional information is available by calling  1-888-412-9277. For more information visit our Commercial Hazardous Waste FAQs.

One of our most popular resources is out onsite audits which will give you a better idea of how you can reduce your workplace's use of hazardous items. Learn more here.


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Check this listing to see what is considered hazardous waste and to learn more about environmentally friendly alternatives.

Answers to some common questions about household hazardous waste. Click Here.