Household Hazardous Waste - Residential

Introduction to Hazardous Waste


 HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE is created when common household  products that contain toxic chemicals and/or that can cause harmful reactions are no longer wanted or needed. Every year Americans create an astounding 1/6 million tons of house hazardous waste.  Products such as  household cleaners, used motor oil, cooking oil, pesticide, batteries, fluorescents, electronics, gardening products,  paint, and pharmaceuticals all contain chemicals that harm the environment and can even be deadly. If household hazardous waste is not disposed of properly, toxics are released into the soil, the air, and water supplies threatening the health of animals and humans alike. See what kinds of hazardous waste you may have in your home.

If one has unused or unwanted household hazardous waste it is illegal to dispose of it by putting it into the garbage or landfills; abandoning, burying,  or pouring onto the ground; by fire or incineration; or pouring down a sink, toilet, or storm drainBy law, these products must be properly recycled or disposed at a hazardous waste facility. Residents of West Contra Costa County can take their hazardous waste to the permanent collection facility located near the Richmond Parkway. A mobile collection program is also available to assist home bound seniors and disabled persons to properly disposed of their household hazardous waste.

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