Multifamily Housing Units


Living in a apartment complex, condo, or any multi-family housing unit can make dealing with recycling and foodwaste collection a challenge. RecycleMore is here to help multifamily living unit residents know their options. Republic Services has developed a new Residential and Commercial Recycling Guide that provides information on what can go into the recycling and organics carts.

In September 2011, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law the Renter’s Right to Recycle Act, which requires owners of multifamily housing with five or more units to provide paper, plastic and can and bottle recycling programs to their tenants starting early 2012.

According to the legislation, less than 40 percent of Californians living in multifamily dwellings have access to residential recycling, while 70 percent of the state’s residents living in single-family homes have access to recycling services. Of the waste generated at apartments, only 15 percent is recycled, compared to rates above 50 percent for single-family homes statewide. For a pdf of the legislation click on this link:

The first thing you should do, whether you are a current or new tenant, is contact your landlord, property manager, or HOA staff and ask:

1) What services are provided regarding recycling collection and/or foodscraps (organics) collection?

2) Does our facility currently have the neccessary collection containers 

IF THE ANSWER IS NO: Inquire why this is the case. Is it because a lack of physical space?  Or possibly because the landlord does not know how to start the service. If you currently do not have service, you may want inform the property manager that coming in early 2012 owners of multifamily housing with five or more units must provide recycling options for their tenants. (See above link to CA Renters Right to Recycle Act)

If you live in an apartment complex or other multi-family housing, your complex may already have recycling services along with the garbage services.  Blue recycling carts and a cardboard container should be near the waste enclosure. 

As a renter you are eligible for a free apartment recycling basket provided by RecycleMore.  This can be used to take your recyclables to the blue carts in.