Fats, Oil & Grease (FOG)

Thinking of frying a turkey?

- Do you know what to do with leftover used cooking oil and grease?

Never wash cooking fats, oil or grease (FOG) down the drain, as they can cause the sewer line to back up into your home. If the drain clogs and causes a sewer line blockage it may cause the back up to flow onto the street and into the storm drains which flow to the Bay.  This material is harmful to the Bay and the creatures that live there.

Recycle it Instead!

The West Contra Costa Integrated Waste Management Authority provides a free residential FOG drop-off program.  Most cooking fats will be turned into bio diesel.  Please do NOT mix with automotive waste (no auto oils or lubricants) – these cannot be separated.  No restaurants will be serviced.  Maximum fifteen (15) gallons per person (three 5-gallon containers please).

Used Oil for Bio-Diesel

West Contra Costa County residents may take their FOG to the West County HHW Collection Facility.

There are numerous locations in West County that accept used cooking oil for use as bio-diesel.  Visit BayWise.org to see an online search engine with a directory of used cooking oil drop-off locations.