Plastic #5 (Polypropylene)

Curbside Trash

Any plastic #5 food or beverage container should be placed in the trash.


Avoid Heating Plastic

Keep plastics containing food or drink out of the microwave, dishwasher and other hot places, like your car. The warmer plastic gets, the more it tends to break down, melt and release chemicals.

Did You Know?

What Items Are Made From Plastic #5?

Plastic #5 is used to make items including yogurt cups and tubs, margarine tubs, syrup bottles, plastic bottle caps, straws, food storage containers, sunglasses, plastic furniture, and car parts such as bumpers and trim.

What Plastic #5 Can Become

Plastic #5 can be recycled into battery cables and cases, brooms, brushes, bicycle racks and ice scrapers.