Animal Bedding (Organic)

Curbside Trash Curbside Organics

Please read below to determine how to properly dispose of the bedding of your pet depending on the type of animal and bedding. 

Acceptable Bedding Types

These include:

  • Sawdust shavings, shredded paper, straw or hay
  • Soiled bedding from vegetarian, plant-eating animals (such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice and rats)
  • Reptile and bird bedding (including chicken nesting material made from organics)

Bedding From a Meat-Eating Animal? Do Not Compost

Bedding and waste from a meat-eating animal potentially contains dangerous organisms that do not break down during the composting process. Place in garbage instead.

Pet Waste Is Not Compost / Green Waste

These animal by-products should go in your garbage:

Ways to Reuse

Use as Landscape Mulch

Unused natural animal bedding can be used as landscape mulch or garden fertilizer.