Auto Glass

Alternative ways to recycle
Curbside Trash Bulky Item Pick-Up / Landfill Drop-off

Special Instructions

Auto glass is not considered a bulky item or recyclable. It can be brought to the landfill.

A small amount of auto glass may be placed in your garbage cart, if bagged.


Never Recycle With Glass Bottles

Auto glass is not made from the same material as glass jars or bottles. It’s actually made from layers of glass and plastic that are fused together. Never recycle automotive glass with glass bottles because they are handled differently.


Cover Sharp Edges

Cover the sharp edges of the windshield after you have taken it out of the car. Tape the edges and wrap the entire piece of glass in a blanket. Covering the sharp edges will make transporting it to the landfill safer and easier for you and any future handlers.

Alternative Ways to Recycle


Return to Windshield Replacement Programs

A number of companies, including Safelite and JN Phillips, have launched windshield replacement programs. These programs reduce how much waste is generated by auto glass.

Did You Know?

Why Are Windshields so Difficult to Recycle?

Windshields are designed to keep passengers safe in the event of a crash. They are made of glass with a plastic film fused to it, which allows the windshields to keep passengers inside of their vehicles during crashes. Separating these two layers isn’t easy, but efforts to recycle windshields have ramped up in recent years.

Your Shower Door May Have Been a Windshield

The recycled glass from windshields are being used to produce a variety of products, including fish bowls, shower doors, floor tiles and even mosaic artwork.