Curbside Trash
sink drain

Never Pour Wax Down the Drain

Candle wax is liquid when hot, but if you pour it down the drain, it will cool, harden and clog the pipes.

candle tin

Tins and Jars Are Recyclable

Candle wax isn’t recyclable, but the tins and jars that candles come in often are. Simply remove the wick and any remaining wax, and place in the trash. You can scoop out wax with a spoon, or try melting or freezing it for easier removal.

Ways to Reuse


Reuse Wax to Make New Candles

Instead of throwing wax away, try reusing it to make new candles. Here is a great how-to guide by HowStuffWorks.

Did You Know?

Are Scented Candles Toxic?

Recent research reveals that hazardous chemicals such as benzene and toluene may be released when burning scented paraffin candles. To avoid risk, choose unscented candles made entirely from beeswax or soy. Read more from The Huffington Post.

What Can Candle Wax Be Recycled Into?

St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County, Oregon carries multiple products made from recycled wax in their retail stores, including skateboarding wax, fire starter (made of cotton from recycled mattresses and paraffin) and bricks of wax for candle makers. Find out more.