Foil Lids

Curbside Trash Curbside Recycling

Please read special instructions below on how to properly dispose of aluminum foil lids:

Check if foil lid is coated with plastic or if it is uncoated:

  • If the foil lid is coated with plastic, has color, design, or labeling on it, place in the garbage; as this is considered mixed materials.
  • If the foil is uncoated, it may be placed in your recycling, but needs to be free of food and residue. Foil soiled with food, grease, or liquid cannot be recycled, as it contaminates the recycling stream.

Ball It Up Before Recycling

Save your foil lids and roll them all together into a ball until it has a diameter of at least 2 inches. A single foil lid is too small to be recycled in facilities and may get caught in machinery or be blown away, becoming litter in the transportation process.

Ways to Reduce

Go Big

Consider buying larger portions versus single-serving portions of yogurt or snacks. Fewer containers usually result in less packaging that ends up in the landfill. Larger containers can also be reused as storage for other items.


Buy Bulk

For items like nuts, bring your own reusable containers and buy from the bulk foods section if possible.

Did You Know?

Why Aluminum Lids?

Aluminum lids are used on many dairy and food products to extend the product’s shelf-life – they have excellent corrosion resistance and protect the product from light, moisture, oxygen and gas.

Source: Italcoat / IPS