Kitty Litter

Curbside Trash

Never Flush Down the Toilet

Harmful parasites live in your cat’s waste and can end up in the pipes and septic system. Even if it’s labeled “flushable”, don’t flush it down the drain.


Throw It into the Trash

The best way to dispose of kitty litter is to scoop waste into a bag, tie the bag tightly, and then throw the whole thing into the trash.

Ways to Reduce


Yesterday's News Original Cat Litter

Silica and clay litters don’t decompose and can also be harmful for your feline. Try using a newspaper litter that is biodegradable like Yesterday’s News Original Cat Litter.

Earth Rated PoopBags

Consider scooping cat poop into Earth Rated PoopBags, which are dog poop bags that are biodegradable. Scooping pet waste into a biodegradable bag will help reduce your amount of plastic waste. 

Ways to Reuse


Use Clean Extra Litter as Mulch

If you have extra litter that is biodegradable, use it as mulch or garden fertilizer.