Padded Envelopes (All Plastic)

Curbside Trash


Padded envelopes made of mixed materials (e.g. paper envelopes with plastic bubble wrap inside) cannot be recycled. These type of envelopes can clog recycling equipment, so keep them out of your curbside recycling bin.

Place padded envelopes in your trash. 

Ways to Reduce

Buy Padded Envelopes Made of Like Materials

Use bubble mailers made from all paper or all plastic instead of mixed materials that cannot be recycled.

Ways to Reuse

Use More Than Once

Save padded envelopes you receive and reuse them when you have something to mail. Place new address labels over the original address labels and seal securely with new tape.

Use as Bubble Wrap

Reuse padded envelopes as padding for when you next need to store or ship something fragile.

Did You Know?

A New Life: Recycling Plastic Bags and Other Flexible Plastics Into More

After being collected at drop-off locations, flexible plastics are often recycled into synthetic lumber for decking or park benches. Flexible plastics can also be recycled directly into another plastic bag.