Pallet or Stretch Wrap

Curbside Trash Curbside Recycling

Plastic Pallet/Stretch Wrap may be placed in your recyclables cart ONLY if wrapped inside an additional clear plastic bag, for the Republic Services area in West Contra Costa County. (Note: El Cerrito no longer accepts any plastic bags or film in their recycables cart, so they must go in the trash cart.)

Loose plastic and wrap are not accepted in curbside recycling as they can cause a lot of problems such as getting stuck in the sorting equipment.

Loose items must be placed in your curbside trash cart.

You can also recycle your plastic bags, film and wrap at participating locations by bringing them to a drop-off location. Find your closest drop-off location.



Don't Recycle With Hard Plastic

Pallet wrap cannot be recycled with other hard plastics, because it is a film that can easily get stuck in recycling equipment. Instead, pallet wrap should be disposed of with plastic bags.

Shrink Wrap Is Garbage

While pallet or stretch wrap is used to hold goods together on a pallet, plastic or shrink wrap is used to package individual products while giving them a glossy sheen, such as in meat packaging. Learn what to do with shrink wrap.