Plastic Air Pillows

Curbside Trash

Loose Plastic Air Pillows MUST BE placed in your curbside trash cart.

Loose Plastic Air pillows are not accepted in curbside recycling as they can cause a lot of problems such as getting stuck in the sorting equipment.

You can also recycle your plastic items at participating locations by bringing them to a drop-off location. Find your closest drop-off location.


Deflate First

Plastic air pillows should be deflated before they are recycled with plastic bags. They must be clean and dry.

Ways to Reuse

Reuse for Packaging

Keep plastic air pillows around the house to reuse. They can be used to pad boxes for shipping or storage.

Take Them to a Mail Store

Some mail stores will accept air pillows and other packing materials for reuse. It depends on policies and current supply, so call ahead to ask.