Plastic Eggs

Curbside Trash

Plastic Eggs Are Not Recyclable

Plastic eggs are not recyclable. Throw them in the trash.


Avoid Accidental Littering

If you hide plastic eggs outside for an egg hunt, make sure they all get collected. Plastic litter can harm wildlife and leach toxins into the environment. Try numbering the eggs or counting them beforehand so you know they are accounted for.

Ways to Reduce

Choose Alternative Eggs

Wooden, cloth and ceramic eggs are more eco-friendly than plastic eggs, and they are available at most craft stores. These types of eggs can be filled with treats or decorated as a family activity. You can also dye and use real eggs that have been hardboiled instead of using disposable ones. If you don’t eat the hardboiled eggs, dispose of them as food waste.

Ways to Reuse

Save for Next Year

If your plastic eggs are in working condition, store and save them for next year.

Donate Plastic Eggs

If you no longer need your plastic eggs, consider donating them for another family to use.

Use in Decorations

Use old eggs to make decorations such as Easter centerpieces and wreaths. Check out this article from Pop Sugar for more ideas. You can find many more creative ideas online.

Did You Know?

The History of the Egg Hunt

While eggs have been a part of spring celebrations since ancient times, egg hunts began in Germany during the 16th century, possibly started by Martin Luther. Learn more from English Heritage.