Small Appliances

Alternative ways to recycle
Contains Mercury
Curbside Trash E-Waste

Small appliances with circuit boards, such as a microwave, may be dropped off for FREE, at the West County HHW Collection Facility.

Residents may safely and properly dispose of any and all types of banned electronic devices, for FREE, at the West County HHW Collection Facility.

Plastic rich, non-electronics like coffee makers, vacuums etc. may be disposed of in the curbsde trash. 

Medical Waste as E-waste

Any medical device that is battery powered or that plugs in is an appliance and should be disposed of as e-waste. If the item contains a sharp, a medication, or is otherwise contaminated, it should be disposed of as medical waste. Most medical waste requires special handling. At-home caregivers, assisted living facility workers, or dialysis center workers should look to their county health department for guidance. Learn more about medical waste from the EPA.

Alternative Ways to Recycle


Best Buy's Electronics and Appliances Recycling Program

Best Buy will take back fans, vacuums and other home electronics for free; they also offer a buyback program for more desired electronics. They accept up to three items per day from each household. Find a location here.

Ways to Reuse


Sell on Ebay

Consider selling small appliances on Ebay or listing them for free on Craigslist. This approach brings the seller to you, which saves time and money; the environment will also benefit from less carbon emissions.


Donate to Thrift Stores

Drop off unwanted appliances at any thrift shops that accept them, so these appliances don’t end up in a landfill.

Did You Know?

Absence of Small Appliance Takeback Programs

Electronics and small appliances are sold at most box stores, yet few of them offer takeback programs for small appliances. Walmart, Sam’s Club and Target did not have any small appliance takeback programs as of 2015. Best Buy is one of the few shops to take back certain small and large appliances.