Solar Panels

Special Instructions


Contact the manufacturer of your solar panels to see if they have a program for recycling or refurbishing old/unused panels. 

Or, you may contact Clean Earth and/or e-Recycling to accept solar panels.  Access their information as well as other vendors through these links:

  1.  Department of Toxic Controls (DOTC) for a list of Universal Waste Handlers that Accept PV Modules (Solar Panels).
  2.  Department of Toxic Controls (DOTC) of Universarl Waste Recyclers that Treat PV Modules (Solar Panels)

NOTE: West Contra Costa Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility at 101 Pittsburg Avenue in Richmond, CA does not accept the intact panels and has requested from the DOTC to be removed from the list of handlers that accept PV Modules (Solar Panels) as of September 2022. 



Note: Solar Panels (intact or broken) should not be placed in a C&D debris box.

Trash Bin

Never Toss or Dump Illegally

Solar panels contain heavy metals such as silver, copper, lead, arsenic, cadmium and selenium. Don’t throw them away or dump them because they can leach toxic chemicals into the environment.


Treat Broken Panels as Hazardous Waste

Broken pieces must be cleaned up and properly packaged to minimize the potential escape of hazardous materials. Contact the solar panel manufacturer for detailed instructions on cleanup and disposal.