RecycleMore Hosts First Ever Do-It-Yourself Repair Workshop for Residents of West Contra Costa County

On Saturday, December 2, 2023, RecycleMore hosted their first ever free Do-It-Yourself (DIY) repair workshop in partnership with the Hercules Library and Fixit Clinic. Volunteer coaches provided consultation, assessment, and guidance on how to troubleshoot for possible repair of broken and non-functioning household items for residents of West Contra Costa County.

From vacuum cleaners, electronics, small kitchen appliances, zippers, sewing machines, a lawn mower, and even an antique grandfather clock- Fixit Clinic Coaches were on the scene and ready to support! A total of 33 items were registered for repair to be given new life, and a few of them just needed a new part!

Fixit coaches assist a resident with fixing their grandfather clock.














During the event, 24 total reuse holiday arts and crafts items were completed from 12 young ones to keep them occupied, and for parents and passerby recycling and organics resources and program information, including kitchen food scrap pails, were available at the RecycleMore information booth. RecycleMore staff in attendance included Reka Abraham, Lisa Borreani, Webster Nguyen, and Rachel Dice.

RecycleMore’s Webster Nguyen leading a reuse arts and crafts children’s activity.

In appreciation of the support and collaboration with Hercules Library, RecycleMore is donating a collection of books to be available to residents around the topic of recycling, repair, and reuse. Look for that section available when you visit the Hercules library in 2024.

RecycleMore’s Reka Abraham and Rachel Dice welcoming event registrants at the check in table.







RecycleMore would like to thank the 30 registered attendees who came out, in addition to those that just stopped by to visit (including Hercules City Council Vice Mayor and RecycleMore Board Member, Dan Romero), the nine (9) Fixit Clinic Coaches, Fixit Clinic Founder Peter Mui, and the Hercules Library staff (including Allison Peters, Katy Buder, and Justine Rea), for this successful and popular event.

Events like these help the community to reuse and keep items out of the landfill and RecycleMore is looking forward to hosting more in the future!


RecycleMore, Hercules Library, and Fixit Clinic staff pose with past Hercules Mayor and current RecycleMore board member, Dan Romero.









Note:  Photos courtesy of Peter Mui, Lisa Borreani, Reka Abraham, and Alison Peters. Those in the photos have given consent verbally and by attending the event.