Recycling Tips for Motorcycle Owners – Motor Oil Disposal

Did you know motorcycle owners change their own oil 5 times more than average motorists? Used oil and filters are considered hazardous materials and unlawful dumping is prohibited by law. Recycling is the only legal way to dispose of them.

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In the meantime this is what you need to know:

  • Recycling oil protects our groundwater
  • Used oil filters are considered hazardous wast
  • Used oil & filters are illegal to throw in the trash
  • Used oil & oil filters are easier to recycle than ever!
  • It’s free to recycle these materials
  • It’s convenient (lots of local locations for drop off)

Here’s how to recycle your used oil & filters:

  • Used oil filter: put it in a sealed container (like a ziplock bag)
  • Used motor oil: put it in a tightly sealed unbreakable container
  • Take both oil and filters to a collection center