Want to start or improve an existing recycling program at your school?

By incorporating a program, it will help:

  • Reduce waste
  • Save natural resources
  • Teach students a valuable lesson
  • Save your school MONEY!

Sound easy? It is!

Follow these three easy steps…


Step 1. Make a Team

You can’t do this alone, so get some help. The best teams have students, teachers, principals, administrative staff and parents who are all willing to help. But, even just a few dedicated people can make a big difference.

You need a team or club name and each member should have a role:


Coordinators can make sure there are bins in the right places, arrange for and oversee collection.

Outreach members

Outreach members can help spread the word and encourage recycling.


Artists can make creative signs and posters to show people how and what to recycle.


Recyclers can make sure that the bins are being used properly and empty smaller bins into larger collection bins.


Step 2. Call Your Local Service Provider

Ask for collection bins and pick-up service. They will help you to determine how often you need pick-up service and will provide small bins for every classroom, office and copy room as well as larger toters to be stored in a central area for pick-up.

Local Service Providers:

  • For El Cerrito: El Cerrito Recycling Center,  (510) 215-4350
  • For Hercules, Pinole, Richmond, San Pablo and Unincorporated West County: Republic Services, (510) 262-7100

What can you recycle?

  • Start with white paper and mixed paper.
  • Cardboard is another easy one.
  • Next you can tackle bottles and cans.
  • Finally, get a worm composting bin(s) and get those leftover fruit and vegetable scraps from the cafeteria as well as any yard waste from landscaping. Worms are a lot of fun and a great educational tool.


Step 3. Promote, Promote, Promote!

Get everyone involved and active in the recycling program.

  • Have each classroom design and decorate bins made of cardboard boxes.
  • Make sure each classroom has a bin for REUSE paper (paper that’s been used on only one side). You should always use both sides before recycling!
  • Remind the students and staff that recycling isn’t just for school they should be doing it at home too.


If your schools is interested to setup an recycling collection program at your school, please accesss the RecycleMore webpage to learn more about the program and use the online request form.