A quick overview of what goes in the garbage cart:

  • Household: Diapers, Animal Waste, Cat Litter, Gloves, Masks, Cigarettes, Packs & Butts, Plastic Blister Packs, Foam Plastic, Plastic Toys, Padded Envelopes
  • Food Packaging: Drink Pouches, Milk Cartons, Ice Cream Cartons, Juice Boxes, Foam Egg Cartons, Takeout Containers (Foam), Potato Chip Bags, Energy Bar Wrappers, Candy Wrappers, Mesh Bags, Pet Food Bags
  • Kitchen: Plastic Straws, Plastic Utensils, Plastic Lids, Plastic Caps, Pyrex, Glassware, Coffee Pods
  • Yard: Animal Waste, Dirt, Rocks, Garden Hoses, Planting Pots

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