RecycleMore Launches New Website

New Website Makes It Easier for West Contra Costa County Residents and Business Owners to Recycle, Compost and Live Greener

November 8, 2021

What should I do with leftover paint? Where can I learn about recycling events in my community? How do I maintain compliance with California and local waste policies? These are just some of the common questions and challenges West Contra Costa County residents and business owners face when they want to get involved with local waste reduction efforts.

RecycleMore has recently launched a user-friendly website that answers these questions and offers residents and business owners the most accurate, comprehensive information, and education about local solid waste and recycling programs.

The new RecycleMore website also features an ultimate “Recycling Guide’‘- which functions like an easy-to-use search engine- that will help local residents and businesses learn how to properly recycle or dispose of more than 300 items. The guide will also provide tips for sustainable living and information for community involvement.

“The Authority is very excited to launch the long-awaited new website for the West Contra Costa County Community. It will be much easier now for the community to refer to the website for available information and to recycle more, live more sustainably, and understand what is required of them to comply with the laws,” says Peter Holtzclaw, Executive Director of RecycleMore.

The RecycleMore website now offers:

  • Community Recycling Resources: Explore educational resources about local programs for residents, businesses, and schools, and information about relevant legislation compliance.
  • Recycling Guide: Search for local disposal and alternative recycling options for over 300 items using a desktop or mobile devices.
  • Hazardous Waste Information: Find information on what is considered household hazardous waste and what facilities and relevant programs are available in the community.
  • Board of Directors Meeting Schedules & Agendas: Find up-to-date information about board members, meetings times, and agenda items.
  • News & Local Events Information: : Find out the latest news for community programs such as local collection events for household hazardous waste, mattresses, and medication take-back.

RecycleMore developed the new website and recycling guide in partnership with Recyclist, a Truckee, Calif.-based startup that provides digital public education solutions to solid waste and recycling program managers.