West Contra Costa city ordinances, in accordance with Senate Bill 1383, mandate that entities that self-haul organic waste meet the following criteria as a condition of their authorization to collect organic waste. Organic waste in this context refers to yard waste such as grass clippings and tree trimmings collected during routine yard maintenance.

Businesses that self-haul organic waste must:  

  1. Separate generated organic waste from non-organic waste on site and haul the organic waste to a solid waste facility that processes or recovers the waste.
    • Alternatively, collect comingled organic waste onsite and haul it to a high-diversion organic waste processing facility.
  2. Keep a record of the organic waste collected and delivered to each solid waste facilit
    • This record shall include the amount of material in cubic yards or tons transported to each facility, delivery receipts, and weight tickets from the entity accepting the waste.
    • Provide records for inspection by the City or designee upon request.