Senate Bill (SB) 1383 requires all California businesses, multifamily properties, and residents to divert recyclable and organic materials from the trash. All entities are required to subscribe to recycling and organics service through your garbage collection company or demonstrate that your divertible materials are being taken to a recycling or composting facility.

As of Jan 1, 2022, it is illegal to place recyclables or organics in your trash containers in California. Organics includes plant debris, food, food soiled papers and untreated wood. Compliance assistance is available through your garbage collection company, and enforcement with potential penalties begins on Jan 1, 2024.

To understand the SB 1383 law, the requirements, and how to comply, click here

Certain businesses may qualify for a limited 5-year term organics waiver.  To apply for a waiver, see below for the qualifications. If you can demonstrate your waiver qualifications, complete the “SB 1383 Online Self-Reporting Form” (see links below).


Waivers for organics services and Alternative Compliance will be reviewed for the following circumstances, only:


1) Waivers

a. Generate Minimal Organics (De Minimis Waiver): 

De Minimis Waivers will be considered if you can demonstrate that you dispose of less than 20 gallons of organics each week; or 10 gallons per week for a smaller business. Multifamily properties are not eligible for De Minimus Waivers, due to the volume of tenant food waste.

Non-food generating businesses that have landscaping do not qualify for a waiver since they are generating plant debris. Please provide landscaper information in the SB 1383 Online Self-Reporting Form (see below) under the Alternative Compliance section.

b. Physical Space Waiver:

If your business premises lacks adequate space for organics waste containers, you may qualify for a Physical Space Waiver. A site visit will be needed to verify your claim; limited Physical Space Waivers will be granted.


2) Alternative Compliance

  • Large Markets & Manufacturers – Some large food generators utilize alternative diversion methods for food waste and may be compliant with SB 1383 without curbside organics collection. Please submit your information in the SB 1383 Online Self-Reporting Form (see below) under the Alternative Compliance section, so we can review your generation and practices.
  • Non-food Generating Businesses – Some small offices that have a landscaper removing all plant debris can submit your information using the SB 1383 Online Self-Reporting Form (see below), under the Alternative Compliance section.


SB 1383 Online Self-Reporting Form

To request for Waivers and Alternative Compliance, select the appropriate link below, which applies to the city your business is located in.

Please note: If your waiver has been approved, you will not hear from RecycleMore. If your waiver is not approved, you will be contacted by your waste collection company to start service. 




For Richmond, San Pablo, Pinole & Hercules:





For El Cerrito:





For Unincorporated West Contra Costa County, access their website for more information and their forms:

LINK TO COUNTY WEBPAGE:  CCC SB 1383 Organics Waste and Edible Food Recovery Link



Contact RecycleMore if you have questions regarding the SB 1383 Organics Waiver Request or Alternative Compliance.