RecycleMore periodically offers grant opportunities to nonprofits, businesses, and institutions with various projects that may be aligned with edible food recovery, waste prevention, and community, etc.

Proposed recipients must be located within the RecycleMore jurisdiction and/or service the residents and/or businesses within the RecycleMore jurisdiction.

All active RecycleMore available grants can be found on this page.

Please see specific grants submission requirements and timeline within each available grant below.


There are no grants available at this time. 



Edible Food Recovery Equipment Grant 2024

The purpose of this grant was to assist Edible Food Recovery Organizations (FROs) with preventing edible surplus food from going to compost or disposal by ensuring it is being recovered and used to feed people who need it. The funds provided for this grant were meant to bolster the existing edible food recovery network in West Contra Costa County to reduce food insecurity, as well as conserve natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by preventing edible food from going to waste.

Thank you to all that submitted applications. Congratulations to the recipients!

As of April 12, 2024, these are the award recipients of this grant and the total amount awarded: